Stupid Flu again...

Kaoz.. Whole of today, my sneezin nv stop.. even nw.. Damnit.. Al thanks to last nite.. Mit him la... Alreadi nt feelin gd liao last nite.. Cos can sense my flu is comin again.. Had a cold drink outside too.. Bloody hell.. No mood to post my photos for yesterday buffet wit my poly classmates... Goin to slp soon man.. Arrggh... Last nite went out wit him.. Sit outside tat JEC... Bloody hell! E wind blow like dun nit money lor.. I thot is ok for mi... Nv know tis mornin when I wake up, flu al e way til nw... When I mit my fren, I areadi sneezin like dun nit money liao.. Kaoz.. He stil gt e cheek to msg mi... Arrgh.. Scold him back.. Biang... I tink post e photos when I'm beta the next few days ba... I nit to take medicine n slp al e way til tml for work.. Tml is a tedious day for mi.. Sad...


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