New Year side effect

I am overloaded again!!! Shit... Frm new year eve til nw, I hv gt a v big appetite. Al e water drooling food makes mi hungry... Wahaha... So I tink I gain 1 to 2kg tis 6 days.. Horrible... Feel so lousy nw... Cos I gt a tummy again... Haiz.. Mus exercise liao.. Lookin forward to Mar 22 for a suntan... Yeah... I wan open ceremony my bikini set... Hee.. Mus jio e gals for exercise... Swimmin wit Joanne..... Runnin wit Rong... Rope skippin at home by myself... Stop eating my fav laksa and mee rebus in e morning!!! Arrghh.. Horrible.. I wan to slim dw!!!!


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