My Friendship List

They are those I consider my frens and those nt in my list, u r either my enemy or nt so close frens!

Sec sch mates
  1. Peirong
  2. Wanxi
  3. Bella
  4. Peizhen
  5. Hun Nee
  6. Meiling
  7. Cheng Yan
ITE fren
  1. Christine (inclusive of her son, her husband, her sis, her sis's bf, Hanming, Lawrence)
Poly fren
  1. Ashley
  2. Joanne
  3. Joyce
  4. Serene
  5. Eisen
My current company colleagues
  1. Jac
  2. Cheryl
  3. Yvonne
  4. LiJun
  5. Ivy
For nw, I can onli tink up to here... Hweva, I tink e best fren I eva hv is MYSELF!!! Cos I treat myself well enuff. I feed myself properly... (Hee...) I buy myself lots of things... N so I become fat... Hahah... Yeah.... Cheers to FRENSHIP!!!!