Holiday mood

Haha... Countdw to my Bangkok trip liao.. Cant wait to shop over there.. Then after the trip, I look forward to my Taipei trip... Haha.. tis time round go 5 days.. Haha.. I dun mind takin Jetstar as long as I can go lots of places... Goin wit 2 frens... The Goh sisters.. Haha.. Jus cant wait to go there again... Bt nw plan for my Bangkok trip first.. Hmm mus do some homework on that.. Then hw abt my 3rd and 4th quarter?? Hmm.. I duno yet bt I know I wil go Hong Kong.. Which quarter I duno. I say liao.. Every quarter I wan to go for a trip. Next yr more beta... Japan is in my confirmed list liao.. Then Melbourne and Sydney I duno which to go.. I wan for relaxation de.. Dun nit spend alot of money de.. I mean it wil b big bucks for jus e package. Mayb another place can go Korea... Haha.. I abit slow la.. Everyone go liao I haven. Bt I mus save up money ma.. Tats y slow... Haha... I dunwan go US. cos mus change passport. Wait til I go renew ba in 2015. Haha.. Yeah... Hmm I was tinkin if one year go holiday 4 times, den I can complete my round the world trip early ma.. Dun nit wait til I old, cannot walk liao den go.. Kaoz.. is a burden to anyone ard me!!! Cheong cheong cheong ar.... I wan holidays.. I wan leave SG!!! I dun like SG!!!! Cos more n more foreigners.. I hate it!