Mind Torturing

Tml is ISO audit!!!! Finally e day came. I suffer almost a week bcos of tis audit... I duno wat m I doin man... Nw I settle quite a few thingy... Left wit some labels to change, ensure filing in order n documents r al in!!!! Sian.. Kill miiii! After tml, is my results comin out.. Pray hard tat al passed... Pls... I wan to go to Year 4... Let mi complete tis year 4 quickly!!! I wan get out of tat stupid place wit stupid irritatin ppl in my class.. dun like! Hmm.. n another big torture is my weight n figure!! Damn it... I cant control my mouth frm eatin gd food.. Arrghh.. I mus liao. I start wit my 1 mth Subway diet plan.. Die die mus use to tis plan.. Arrgh... In one month time, hopefully can drop 2kg.. Tat is realistic hor... Hmm.. Can de.. My fatty boss sure lose tis time... N I wil win 2 Swensen meals... Yeah... e last torture of my mind is him... Haiz.. I duno... I tink one of tis day I shall mit him n talk ba... Hahah... Cheers.