Happy New Year!!!!

Wow... a long wkend is nw over! Tml goin bk to work... Sigh.. Bt at least I make use of tis few days lazin at home, resting, watchin SCV... so mani shows to watch til I duno which channel to watch... Today I went for a movie... Ah Long Pte Ltd.. Nt tat bad... Alot of nonsense scenes. Violence too... Hahah... Tis my first movie for tis year... Duno wan to watch CJ7 anot.. C hw ba... $7 today.. Hee.. watch at JEC.. Then went JP after e movie. Wana change Thai baht lei.. Bt the money exchanger haven open yet... Bt most of the shops are areadi open liao on Sat or Sun... Haha.. So hw is e ang pow collection? Hmm... mi gt $100plus on the first day... so total up by end of tis CNY, shd hv $200plus... Haiz.. so little.. I bank in half of it liao jus today.. My bonus more than it lor.. Haha... Tis is of cos de ma.... Yesterday went to my sch mate hse as usual.... Some idiots nv turn up again.. Lame excuses... REALI LAME! As usual, is tat woman goin to turn 30 so in one year's time... KTV session she didn't turn up. Yesterday e CNY gatherin as usual nv turn up. Last 2 yrs she wil turn up lor.... Duno is it bcos of the stupid conflict between one of my sch mate n herself, tats y she purposely put aeroplane... V idiot lor.. Damn idiot!!! Nobody bothers to sms her after she reply one of my sch mate she is nt turnin up liao... U al wan to know wat excuse she giv? She said she nv bring hp and jus come bk frm hospital and she is stil nt feelin well so she cant come liao.. Kaoz... Wat e hell!!! Tat ktv session, she say bcos her bro came late to pick up her niece n den quarrel wit e sis in law so nv turn up... Wat shit is she tryin to do??? I can tel u lor... After Bangkok trip, one more time we jio her out, she stil like tat, we shall nt include her in any of our gatherin frm then... I m v sure I wil do so.... Cos she wil last min bomb u one... SHe is so fake... Fake until I reali cant stand her... Wat is her excuse next? Her mum die? Her bro accident? Quarrel wit bf? Breakup wit bf? Niece fall dw from pram? She falls dw? She met accident? Her mum somethin wrong? I can bet wit u... ONe of tis day, one of the excuse above wil definitely come true!!! Definitely.... Shit man!!! I m countin dw to my Bangkok trip cos I wan to break free frm her... She is too fake to befriend wit... She stil dunwan to change... Al my frens know... I cant stand her acts... I get so fat up tat I go tel my colleagues... Irritating stupid woman!!!! She is PSYCHO! SICKO! HELP ME BREAKFREE FRM HER!