My company CNY celebration 15 Feb 2008

Prize Presentation (my Engrg div part)Her last day of employment, Angie our Payroll officer... Sad.. miss e conversations n stupid funi argument....

E ladies Wit e lady frm Carpark div, Shauna (frm left)

Koh & e Engrg 'fatty', Vincent (wahahah... one of my victim in my bully list)

E Proj ladies, Ting & Jac! Whoot...
E Admin, Proj & Engrg ladies... Cheers
Abit of smile frm him wit our HR ppl..... Kaoz...
Y guys jus like to act cool? Our carpark div guys, King Kong and 'Edison Lim'
My gossiping kakis cum site staff, Lin from Republic Plaza. She received the best employee and long service award... Congrats wor... Lov her...
KTV session after the celebration: Ting, Jun, 'Edison Lim' & miiii


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