Pre GST Crisis

Everybody is so piss off wit tis GST 7% thingy. Mi too. Yesterday went for a long lunch break wit my 2 fellow colleagues. Hang ard at Bugis lor. They had their lunch ar Aijisen. Yummy.. Slurp slurp.That's my colleague above. Pretty rite? Too bad. She is attached. Haha.. Guys out there, jus hv to envy her bf.

Yummy... Tats wat my 大姐 eat. Bt nt e fried fish. Hers is e fried dumplings... *slurp* She is nt in e pic cos she say jus take e food. Hee... E above one use abit of force then she let mi take a pic of her n e food. *Clever* Aiya she likes takin pic. Haha... M I rite?

Tats my 大姐's fried dumplings. Seems nice bt wonder hw is e taste. Hee... I nv eat wit them as I had fried noodles earlier on in office. I oso sign up for the membership lei. Next time can bring my family to IMM for a meal. Idea! Haha....

After lunch, we shop ard. Went Mphosis to look out for bags. Haha.. One of them gt my eyes. Nv bought until later in e nite when I mit up wit my gal fren for a shop at Orchard for her bf's bday present. Shop n shop, til we pass by Kinokuniya. I finally bought tis book.

Haha... So happy. Free gifts are the L shape folder and poster. Inside e book, there is a dvd of them behind e scene for tis book. Is a pictorial book la. So suave lor Wu Chun!!! OMG... *Faint* Thot of signin up e Kino membership lei. Cos I wil buy books frm there for my studies. Hmm.. Stil thinking... Haha... Anyway rch office at 3pm. Imagine goin out at 12pm. Haha... My boss n other executives nt ard ma. My execs expected mi tis way cos I told them b4 hand le. Lucky I come bk in time for a urgent quotation. Contractor callin mi n my exec sms mi. Haha... I stil get al e things done on time. Then enjoy myself by surfin e net, msning my frens. Haha... Til 6pm, I knock off on time to mit my gal fren for another round of shoppin spree at Orchard.

Shiok rite! B4 e GST increase, I gt wat I wan liao. Secret! Til I get it done then I put up e pic here. I reali love it. Bought my Mphosis bag le. So hapi.. Simply love tat bag. Goin to use it when I go Taiwan. Haha... Countin dw to my trip there... Shiok shiok ar... A lot of ppl in town. Lots of PRE GST Sale. Haiz... V pathetic. Duno hw to survive in SG when everythin is so expensive. Anyway, living in SG, $$$$$ is IMPORTANT! No $$$ No talk... Tats alll..... Argghhh

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