What do u have on weekend??

I'm always envy when friends head out for meals over the weekends. But come to think of it, I am superb fortunate because I had my meals at home and is all home-cooked, be it my or my guy's house. It is more comfortable to dine at home right? So I'm not envy anymore.

Most of the time I will be at my guy's place so from breakfast till supper, is all at his house. I must say that his eldest sister is a great cook. You name it, she knows it. My guy too. He whips up meal sometimes and other times, is just for me exclusively. So that's the reason why I will grow fat. It gives me the reason to run even more. Anyway, nothing beats home-cooked food. So be appreciative. 

And for those who don't know, it is a typical Singaporean home-cooked meal. Don't find it gross or whatsoever. Cos I may think some of your food are gross too! Respect for others okay? Enjoy the little visual food feasting!