Food Review | Sushi Tei

I have always been looking forward to a dinner at +Sushi Tei and finally fulfilling my wish with my guy. Actually tried once at their Raffles City outlet and that was so many years ago. 

Head on to their outlet at Vivo City. It is always packed with people so be early. We asked for a table (they have options for dining at their bar) and waited for about 5-10 minutes and we are in.

Looking through their menu. Wide varieties. And I actually note down on those dishes I read from reviews at +OpenRice Singapore that is recommended and also not recommended. I mean it all depends on individual's taste bud so maybe others find it so-so but we might have a different opinion.

Mini Golden Roll $11 - Recommended

There are different views about this one but we love it. I think is because of the tempura within. It is still hot and crispy. The mango is sweet too. What a unique combination! There is some mayo on the plate so actually to get the real taste, don't need to dip with soya sauce. Spoil the taste.

Assorted Nigiri Sushi - Strongly Recommended

There are 4 different types of sushi in the plate. Sometimes it depends on luck. On that day itself whether they get those fresh ingredients in for business. But is our lucky day. Everything is so fresh. So if you don't really want to have their mains, please order their sushi. Superb best!

Salmon $3 - Superb fresh.
Tsubugai $3 - It is some whelk clam and tastes so crunchy.
Black Caviar $3 - The amount of caviar is so generous and it has a little sweet taste. 
Ika $2.20 - It is squid. Fresh and crunchy again.

Kani Ikura $14

The taste is really like Yang Chow Fried Rice. Seriously. A little too salty but still bearable. I guess that's what makes it tasty. One mouthful after another. It has zuwai crab (crabstick, I guess) and salmon roe which you can see on top of it.

Ika Sugata (Teriyaki) $9

This is their grilled squid in teriyaki sauce. Fresh but no 'WOW' factor. I started to dislike teriyaki sauce. Cos it is salty. But you can't deny that there are many dishes that uses teriyaki sauce and they taste good. However if you have to dip it in the sauce, mildly please. I did that. 

Cha Soba  $9.50

I don't really like cold noodles and I can't seems to find a reason why I would like this. And I did get sick once having Cha Soba elsewhere so I quite condemned about this. But my guy wants to try so let him be. Freaking cold noodles with a dip of the sauce. That's all. The soba texture is smooth.

Amaebi $3.80 - Recommended

We didn't stop just at the soba. My guy wants another sushi and so we order. This is quite common in Japanese restaurants. Again, it is fresh and sweet. We saw on telly that at those fish market in Japan, they peel and eat this shrimp on the spot. Can you imagine is superb freshly up from the sea? Gonna try that when I head to Japan, probably next year or so.

So for my verdict of Sushi Tei, I guess I will go more of their sushi. I think not just theirs but other Japanese restaurants. One word, FRESH! And excuse me, the staff there like too busy and never served with a smile. I don't like. Improve on that.

They have many outlets in Singapore and also overseas.

If you are at Vivo City, drop by!

Sushi Tei
1 Harbour Front Walk
#02-152/153 VivoCity
Singapore 098585

Opening Hours
11.30am to 10.00pm daily
(last order 9.30pm)