Food Review | Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe

The first time I step into Xin Wang was years ago at Marina Square outlet. And after years, I'm here once again at their new JEM outlet. You probably can tell why. Too many options at JEM that made me randomly pick and choose them again. 

Heard so much about them after my first time. Even hold events for food bloggers. Well... the first time did not really impressed me and my guy. I hope it does after years.

Their outlet is located at Level 4 of JEM and I can see good business with many patrons. We got our seat at a corner, away from the noisy middle section. Took awhile to decide what to eat with their wide variety of food but end up ordering their Signature dishes. Oh by the way, I never read up latest food reviews. So pardon me if I order some very common stuff in their menu.

A very nice menu. Brightens up everything. I remember it wasn't like that. Much duller colour if I'm not wrong. Well... probably nobody cares but hey... first impression is so important. U will agree on that.

Oh... they have free wifi but not very keen. Nevertheless, a good business strategy. Trending I guess. Wifi everywhere. 

That's our order. Superb commoner food, right? U will be thinking why a food blogger wanna-be will choose that? Well... I follow my heart. Didn't really care that much. I won't really go for highly recommended stuff because it all depends on individual palate. Nice food for others doesn't mean for you. But anyway for at least, it is better than another Hong Kong style restaurant named Central which I usually patronise their outlet at Vivocity.

So here comes the first one. 

1) Xin Wang Signature Fried Rice 

I simply love silver fish a lot. And there are squids and prawns. So much like a seafood fried rice. But one thing to comment is that vegetable. Yes I know for presentation wise, this may look nicer but for the customer's convenience, how you expect customers to eat that one whole stalk? Probably should chop half but present it like a whole. The fried rice is tasty but salty. Maybe because with silver fish along (already have that salty taste). Just feel rather thirsty after that. Commendable will be their fresh squids and prawns. 

2) Xin Wang Signature Fried Noodles

It is topped with silver fish again. This time round the vegetables are in smaller size. The taste is just the same as fried rice. Same ingredients. Bits of oily. Quite boring. 

3) Har Gao and Siew Mai

Okay lah. I don't really hold in high regards of their main courses but their dim sum are sure the saving grace. Fresh ingredients. The har gao skin is just the right texture. Prawns are fresh but I tasted a fresher one than this. Probably will come for their dim sum choices. There are carrot cakes and fried dumplings. Next round.

4) Ice Yuzu Green Tea

This is quite refreshing and not sweet too. The combi of green tea and yuzu is kind of good. After some oily stuff, this is your choice. 

You probably wanna try them out. They have lots of choices to choose from. They have stuff like Hong Kong Style Western dishes, cheese baked dishes, Snow Ice, French toast and Chicken curry.

Check out their websites for more details:
Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe

Or their Facebook Page:
Xin Wang HK Cafe

50 Jurong Gateway Road, 
#04-25, JEM
Singapore 608549
Tel: +65-6684 0613
Business Hours:
Everyday – 11am to10.30pm