Invisalign Pre-Consultation

Yes I indeed make that effort to head down Orchard Scotts Dental for the free consultation. I don't know what makes me so determined. I'm even afraid to be late for the appointment. I guess I just don't want any opportunities to fly off before me.

So I went on 23 Aug 2013 at 11am. The consultation was done with 2 ladies in the room which 1 of them is understudying (I guess). Everything went well. And I know what to expect if I'm really gonna take up. 

For a lazy person like me, I can't imagine that I'm gonna take out and put back my invisalign whenever I eat. And I have to wear at least 20 hours. OMG!!! Can I just wear it forever and don't take out for meals? Anyway, quite excited about it. 

But what bothers me all these while is money. If not I won't wait till so old then do it. Can't bear to part with the money but I know I can earn it back. Hope by doing so, it will change my luck. It is like an indirect form of plastic surgery. Wahahahha... Okay I never do plastic surgery before and all parts of me are authentic since birth. Lots of my friends did braces (metal kind) and some features of them change. I have protruding mouth. Superb don't like! Next time I shall snap a before and after for all to see.

Now I'm just looking forward to my next appointment and see if the price is reasonable. I don't mind about the duration I have to put to straighten my teeth. But it is the money that is my concern.

Till then, this Friday my appointment with the dentist! Update again.

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