Invisalign - Decision Time!

Wow... went for my 2nd appointment for consultation on 20 Sep 2013. Got a rough quote on how much I will expect if I proceed on.

Actually I feel damn awkward when taking photos. Yes! Especially my side profile. Actually my front is also. So protruding. Well... What to do? It is the first step to a perfect set of teeth and smile. 

Thereafter, a consultation session with Dr Yap. He is damn tall huh. Check my teeth, explain everything to me so that I can understand what I really want. 

See lah... Never take care of my teeth and got decayed ones at my age!!! WTF! 

Shall make e final decision on 21 Oct whether I should proceed or not.

If I want a superb obvious change on my features, I have to extract 4 of my teeth.

If I just want a set of straight teeth with slightest change on my features, I can proceed with another one without extraction but probably filling up those decayed ones.

Price to me is still my biggest obstacles to go through. Over my budget. And must spare a thought for next year.

I got some ideas of how to minimize the costs but hopefully it works. 

Shall update again.