My ITE and Poly mates

I'm from the formerly known as ITE Clementi and after that I went Singapore Polytechnic for my Diploma in Business Administration. And yes... I'm fated to be a Business student since Secondary school, even till now where I'm finishing soon (hopefully) my Bachelor of Business (Management) at SIM-RMIT.

Another short flashback of my ITE and Poly mates.

ITE mates

Because of my course (Certificate in Office Skills), my class tends to have more females than males. We have a total of 4 males only. And in this class, we are all in the same age.

Don't know which year back after we graduated, had a gathering at Sushi Tei with them at Raffles City.

Another one is my best friend in ITE. She was closer to me after half a year in our course.

My best friend Christine in purple top. This was taken at Sizzler, Toa Payoh. My godson's birthday. Although now we seldom hang out because I superb glue with my guy, but still I make efforts (trying my best to make fullest efforts) to meet up with them. The above is the usual gang, her son, her husband and sister and our guy friend. 

Poly mates

We studied a 4 years Part Time Diploma in Business Administration together and there are many ups and downs with some of them leaving the course without completing. What a waste! But anyway, the remaining survivors are commendable.

I named us the Classy girls.  I'm not sure why and what makes me come up with such name for the group. We get to know each other better towards the year into our 2nd year, I guess.

Yes... I have a farking thin brows. So I grow them back. Now is thick and nice. One of my secondary sch guy fren used to mock at me for my thin brows. He is an idiot!!! Never mind. Karma look for him. Now he though is taller but fatter and rounder. Please let him grow more fat for mocking at my brows over the years.

I think this is a gathering after we graduated. We came out for gatherings a few times. And yes as usual, my class has more females than males. Nothing uncommon.

Yes we graduated in 2009. 4 years of struggle is over and I don't know why I lead myself to another struggle with my Bachelor degree for another 2 years. Why tell me why????? But anyway, it is gonna finish very soon and I hope I have the determination to get through these last 3 months of my degree program and finish it off with good grades. Then next year I will be wearing that hat and not just the graduation gown.

In this 32 years of my life, I met lots of different people. Be it bad or good ones, they left footprints in my life. It also taught me to recognise things better. Gone through a lot, just like others do although we encounter different things in life. The impact that left us either happiness or scars. I learnt not to be naive anymore.