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People mind wonder why a lady like me who doesn't care about beauty, dressing up, caring for my skin/hair, would want to sign up for +Bellabox and waste my money away. 

Yes I did thought about that. So come up with a few conclusions which is for the fun of it + experience. Because I always wonder why there are so many ladies out there so into beauty products and pretty stuff. Yes!!! I'm a lady and I like pretty stuff too. But my taste is maybe a little way out as compared to those BEAUTY GURU/BLOGGERS and so on. I think even so, I still believe of having deserving stuff for myself.

I kind of like surprises. And yes, the monthly Bellabox is always a surprise to me. I started in June 2013 and due date have received my 2nd Bellabox. Until I get tired of it, I shall meanwhile enjoy the surprises installed for me by Bellabox.

Click here for more details on Bellabox. You can choose to sign up a Monthly or Annual Membership and you can also gift it with 3, 6, 12 months options to your girlfriends. And delivery to your doorstep.

I don't know how to get a nice pose with the box. I'm so disgusted with myself. But I still wanna post it here.

This is me posing with my June Bellabox. And I think the colour of their box remains the same throughout (of course, so striking and I like) but is the contents inside the box that surprise you.

Ta-da... This is the contents of June Bellabox, Wanderlust. Hey I got hint to go Bali. Okay. Always wanna go but still finding an excuse to go for a beach vacation. I love Veet Hair Removal Cream. It is easy to use and you feel your skin softer after application. Okay although the hair still grows out. I'm just being honest. And the Creed perfume smells damn nice. Haven't got time to use others yet and July Bellabox is here.

Here it is. My July Bellabox, American Beauty. I love the Jane Tran pins. Black and white. I used it when I go JB with my parents. Yes I just don't want to make myself in a mess. Messy hair. Again, the Sage+ perfume is another awesome thing. Why the perfumes they select are so awesome one? I simply love the smell. I'm gonna try on the shampoo and conditioner, probably tomorrow before I head out for school. I really need to find a good shampoo and conditioner that can minimize my hairloss by not drying up my hair. I want it smooth once again. I so miss my long and smooth hair last time. And due to my swimming routine, it actually worsen my hair condition. Sad thing!

So I guess I'm ready for holidays. Maybe not now because my final semester has started. All their stuff are in convenience sizes, practical for travelling. Hmm... maybe even when you go out. Our bags are bigger enough to hold such a small bottle/tube of stuff right? By the way, I don't have makeup pouch because I don't make up. Only on special occasion. If not, I am bare face with only my current fave Hada Labo lotion.

Okay I need to say this. Even if I'm not any beauty guru/bloggers, I'm still a FEMALE right? I still need at least 1-2 things to keep my skin supple and acne-free right? Yes!!! I just need that. And being a cheapskate lady, I went about getting samples from all brands to try. Yes I declared that I'm a SAMPLE LADY!!! I love free samples. Because through this free samples that I got for myself, I finally found something that suits me. And that's from Hada Labo. 

There are lots for me to try out so hopefully I can find my suitable one.

Thank you Bellabox for having such awesome surprise every month.

And thank you Hada Labo. I finally found you for my skin!