Travelogue | Here I come, JB!

And yes... After few years (I guess), I finally stepping in to Johor Bahru (JB), Malaysia with my parents. Many reasons why I never go for very long. First my guy has no interest of going in and also for safety purpose. Yup!!! Heard so much about snatch thief and etc. And my friend's sister encountered that before when they drove in to JB. But god bless my parents who like to go in there and walk around then safely get back home. So since I wanna have more time with my parents, I purposely took a day leave to go with them. Free myself for a day from that workplace with that WEIRDO! I'm happy with that even though it is just a day.

So we went in the morning, taking Bus 160 all the way to Woodlands Checkpoint. Just in case you wonder where to take this bus, please head to Jurong East Temporary Interchange which is located conveniently beside Jurong East MRT. For me, I'm lucky because the bus route pass by my area so I just need to walk to the nearest bus-stop from home.

As I have not went in to JB for quite long, only then I know we don't need to fill in the arrival card anymore. Just chop in and out on our passport. Quite convenience. Say goodbye to the white arrival card. But still we need to fill up if flying to other countries. So to enter JB, we get down the bus - scan our passport at SG custom - up and down the bus again to JB custom. Why up and down sia? Troublesome. Whatever. I don't go in often. So we arrived. I don't know it was so convenience from JB custom, take many escalators and cross the bridge, we reach JB City Square. Just opposite only.

Also the KTM station at JB is there too. No longer in operation I guess. It is closed. I think when the KTM stations in Singapore stopped operation, the same goes to here. So sad. They have a new train station as mentioned by my dad. Don't know where actually. But KTM is still operating here in Malaysia, just this particular station I guess. Correct me if I'm wrong. I can't be bothered to search for info.

Ta-da... Here is the station. I like the colour. So nice. As you can see, all closed and people just park their cars here and go for work across the causeway or shopping opposite.

Very nice building right? Such a pity! What are they gonna do with this place? I wonder myself too. Like our Tanjong Pagar KTM Station, they re-use the place for some art gallery, cafes and etc. I think Malaysia can do that too. But first of all, can anyone tell me if it is really no longer in operation and redundant or they close on particular days? I don't wanna talk crap here and get unwanted attentions for my ignorance.

The main entrance of the building. Quite nice and not looking as though so run-down type of building after closure. 

What is this? Is it some cabins of the train? It seems like a toilet to me. Can see the wheels below. Okay! I see it as part of the train. 

A quick snapshot of the train. Hmm... why everything about trains and train station look nice to me? Freak! 

And so we head across the road dangerously. Beside JB City Square, there is a street that is once prosperous when the KTM station is in operation.

Some run-down back alleys. I think Malaysians are quite artistic. Because they use very pastel colours to paint the walls. Although is a little ugly and run-down now but just take a look at how they use colours. So nice right? Yellow, blue and orange. Well done!

As we walk along, I smell fried chicken. Makes me so hungry. I never had breakfast before heading out. OMG!!! AYAM PENYET is it? I just love hot and crispy flatted chicken. Nom nom... Didn't went in to see lah. Is the back kitchen of some food shops.

Oopss... Spotted only now that people hanging their clothes and undergarments outside. Hahahah... Eh... I like this photo. I don't know why. Plain but if you want to take photoshots, place your model here. Looks nice. Minus those hanging clothes please.

Oh my god!!! You see lah!!! I told you they know how to make you of colours. The shophouses so nice. How to resist not snapping a photo of it. This time round is blue, pink and mustard.

This is some Chinese association. My dad was telling me but too busy snapping photos to hear exactly what this is about.

I think this is a coffeeshop. This stall sells noodles. I don't know what type of noodles but I saw those handmade ones. I think and also see from variety show that you can find nice and cheap food in Malaysia. Wah... Foodhunt in Malaysia. Quite tedious because their country is big. Have to travel from one place to another. Nice food stalls may be hidden here and there. Only regular customers will know their whereabouts.

Wow... Dragon Inn. 龙门客栈 is it? Why so cute one? Like those we see in Hong Kong movies. 

Opposite the street. Never walk across but I can see eateries and shops. Quite quiet on a Wednesday.

Telephone booth that says 'Hello'. Good idea right? Because the first thing we say when the call is put through will be 'Hello'. Don't be so dull with words like 'Public Phone', 'Public Telephone' and etc. BORING! But this is good! 'Hello' as the tagline for public phone booth.

And so we decided to head to the Palace. But realised that no bus towards that place. After a long walk, we changed our plan and head to Pelangi.

Yes... The buses to other places just stop along the roadside. Ya lah they have bus-stops but think for convenient sake or this area is the bus stopping area for passengers to board the bus to their destination. Different buses head to different places so be sure to ask.

As we walk toward the last bus-stop, I keep seeing this sight. Why the shops below the pathway? Is it design to prevent flood just in case? I probably think it is. 

Finally we got on the bus. This is the view of the bus interior. I should say it is a coach. Look so much like one and is spacious. We waited quite awhile before it drove off. The air-conditioning not very good. Oh by the way, the weather outside is hot! Sunny Wednesday!

Oh... this is their bus-stop. Simple but no signboards to show what bus to take. Haiz... Why like that? But anyway I think is quite practical this way for a bus-stop. So much simple and better than those in Singapore.

The bus-stop we alighted. Quite fast, about 5-10 minutes and we are here opposite Pelangi mall. This bus-stop so concrete right?

So we walk through the mall and head for our lunch first before doing some shopping. 

The streets behind Pelangi mall. Lots of chinese restaurants/eateries. It is almost 12 noon so I guess the lunch crowd are flowing in quite soon.

We stopped at this coffeeshop for lunch. My dad keep telling me about the Sarawak Kolo Mee that they sell here. So both me and my dad had Kolo Mee.

The stall owner very cute. I follow my dad to order our food and when she sees me snapping photos of her stall, she take cover. Hahahaha... Auntie, your food is nice why you scare? I'm not a reporter or media people. I just want a snap of your stall. She sells other types of noodles too, not just Kolo Mee.

Yes!!! This is Kolo Mee at a price of RM4 which is about SGD1.60!!! And quite a big bowl. The noodles are QQ one. There are ingredients like char siew, fishcake, minced meat and vegetables, complete with a bowl of soup with 2 dumplings. 

My mum had another stall just beside our seats. She ordered Hokkien Mee at a price of RM4.50 which is about SGD1.80. Wonderful isn't it?

Quite a big plate. Tell me about it. The darker the better for Hokkien mee. I superb like. Okay for once, I thought they use udon to cook. But actually is yellow mee. Why look like udon ar? My mum also think it is. Taste like udon too. Wahahahah.... Fantastic.

And we ordered drinks, a coffee and 1 Coca Cola. Yes!!! My dad is weird too. He likes to order a can of soft drink and asked for 2 cups. Okay fine!!! I guess he just scare cannot finish a can so want to share. I'm okay with that. Seems idea too. 

After lunch, we walk across some housing back to Pelangi mall. 

So much like in Singapore, don't you think? The playground has see-saw and swing. OMG now I hardly see that in Singapore's playground. Damn sad thing!

Some nice flowers outside people's house. Don't know what flower is that. But nice colour.

So we head back to Pelangi mall. Shop a bit at Cold Storage. Walking around to see if there is anything that is worth buying. I become the walking calculator for that day to convert the price to SGD to see the worthiness of buying. So bought some lame stuff like breakfast cereal, Anlene milk, coffee and Kit Kat. What the hell!!! So funny ar. 

We took a bus back to JB City Square. Dangerous act again. This time there is no bus-stop. We follow how the locals do. They stand under the bridge for the bus to pass by. It is illegal but still they do it. Anyway so long we reach our destination will do.

So reached City Square. Walk around the mall. First hang out at Popular Bookstore at Level 4. My dad and I bought books. My Popular card can be used in Singapore. So got discount. Quite worth. 

My purchase! 

So if you wanna buy some books, here there:

Popular Book Co.
Lot J4-06A & J4-07, Level 4, Johor Bahru City Square
106-108 Jalan Wong Ah Fook, 8000, Johor Bahru

After that, I bring my parents in search for the dessert shop, 許留山. It is at Level 3. So excited about it. Because it is so famous in Hong Kong. 

So we sat down and pick our orders. My parents' first reaction was 'Wow so expensive'. Haiz... Once awhile not always you know. They went Hong Kong before but never had their desserts. So since we are already here, just eat!

So first up, my mum's Chill Ganoderma Herbal Jelly (RM7.90 = SGD3.16) and a side order, Fresh Mango Mochi (RM4.90 = SGD1.96). 

My mum said that having the herbal jelly without syrup is good but bitter. So she pour in quite a lot of syrup but still not very sweet. She doesn't care. This has some cooling effect on hot weather. Good good!!! 

Here comes the mochi. Shredded coconut on the skin. I wonder what is installed for us.

Ta-da... In the middle of it is mango. Why so good man? A good amount of mango inside the mochi. I like and I think is damn worth!

This is my dad's Mango Icy Sago (RM9.90 = SGD3.96). He likes. Superb mango taste plus sago plus icy. Wow... Brain freeze!!!

And this is mine!!! Golden Pinky Sweetie Ball (RM11.90 = SGD4.76). The sweetie balls are so chewy. It is a sweet and sour hate for this. Not love and hate. Hahahaha... So good!!! Mango is sweet. Strawberry a little sour. The ice cream is a BOMB! When I mix all together, SUPERB BRAIN FREEZE! I really couldn't. It actually cools me down after walking out under the sun for few hours. And as we finished, my mum and I feel cold. WTF! The after-effect is powerful. All of sudden we feel so cold. Hahahahah... The total bill comes up to RM40.15 which is SGD16.06. Plus their service charge and government tax of 6%.

So if you are in Johor Bahru and wanna try 許留山, this is the address:

Hui Lau Shan
Lot J3-20, Level 3, Johor Bahru City Square
106-108 Jalan Wong Ah Fook, 8000, Johor Bahru

So last but not least, we head to the shop where it sells local products. The shop name is Kapitan Local Products. At the same floor as 許留山. We bought quite a lot. One big bag. Satisfied. Here is my pick out of those many that my parents bought:

I didn't have this chips for ages. I can't seems to find it in Singapore. I should have bought 2 different flavours back. So regret. It tastes a little way too salty actually. But once awhile should be fine.

My mum bought this too which she said that it can enhance your appetite and dissolve phlegm. It costs RM8.90 which is SGD3.56. You can drink it in cold or hot form.

So wanna buy some stuff which you can't find in Singapore, go to this shop:

Kapitan Local Products
Lot MF-12, Level 3, Johor Bahru City Square
106-108 Jalan Wong Ah Fook, 8000, Johor Bahru

And as we walk toward the JB custom to head back home, we saw a pushcart selling Nonya kuehs. So we bought a pack of different types of kuehs back home at only RM10 which is SGD4.

You see. 9 pieces in a pack. Cheaper and nicer than those at Bengawan Solo. Worth it. And you can don't need to buy from this pack. You can actually pick and choose yourself from their varieties. This pushcart is outside Old Town food outlet near the escalator where we head towards the custom. If you happen to be there, do give it a try. I think is nice but it all depends on individual.

So I have come to an end for my few hours trip to JB. Hope you like this post. I think I'm quite detail enough. I think only. Enjoy! I have a happy time with my parents. Be a filial child!