I just have to do it!!!

Yes!!! Is Friday. Like finally it arrives after 4 days of misery at work. At least for 2 days, I don't need to suffer at work. Friends may think that 'you got nothing much to do at work and get go home on time yet you still complain'. If you are in my shoes, I guess you won't say that. There is always a price to pay for going home on time and nothing much to do. I am a labour cum secretary. After yesterday, I suffer the whole body aches ever. Totally no mood. After studying for 3 lessons on my new module named Occupational Health and Safety Management, I think I'm getting this Occupational Health disease! 

My frustration cannot be described simply by words. But luckily I have Line Chat stickers to better describe how I feel right now or maybe for the past 22 months!!!

If you still cannot feel for me, is okay. Just treat it as my daily blabbering. Enjoy the weekend because....

..... in 2 days time!

Credits: Google and Naver for all the pictures of the stickers. I love it and I will continue to use Line Chat plus Line Camera.