Cadbury Rewards

I'm not advertising for Cadbury but just happens I saw it on +OpenRice Singapore website so I was like 'Hmm... sounds interesting' so I click and went in to look see look see.

I'm not really a fan of chocolate but I do once awhile have some when my dad or brother bought them home. Yup... I do see Cadbury chocolates in my fridge. Eat in moderation okay? Too many is not good too.

So I created an account for this Cadbury Rewards program. Superb easy.

Step 1: Go to their website at Cadbury Rewards. ↓

You can see below which they show you how to start your reward program with just 3 steps. So to begin your journey, click on the yellow box 'Begin Here'. 

Step 2: You either sign up with your Facebook account or your email account. ↓

And so once your account is created, simply login with your email and password. EASY! ↓

Ta-da!!! Here is your homepage after login. ↓

Step 3: To get Bonus Joy Points, like their Facebook page and follow them on Twitter. So easy. I suggest you do so. You will know why shortly. ↓

Although you are just at the beginning, but with the Bonus Joy Points, there are rewards waiting for you to redeem with that 100 points. Okay very selective. Only Luggage Tag and Tote Bag to begin with. I was thinking to get 2 luggage tag with the points but when I think of how my luggages are thrown into the cargo, I drop the idea. Confirm spoilt. So for what right? Then my final decision was to get the Tote Bag. Sorry but I just love bags. I got so many bags that my wardrobe that is meant for clothes are now meant for my bags. Oops... ↓

There are many more rewards if you got sufficient points. ↓ From the reward list, I target the thumbdrive, hug-sized cushion, Capita vouchers, Legoland tickets and a night stay at Wanderlust Hotel. Let's see how.

Step 4: So once you decided on your rewards to redeem, add to your cart. ↓

You will be asked to fill up the details and also on the left, they indicate the redemption item and you can remove it if you don't want to. ↓ Once you are done, click 'CHECKOUT'!!!

Step 5: Confirm your redemption after checking every single details. Click 'CONFIRM REDEMPTION'. ↓

Ta-da... And you are done!!! Wait for their email confirmation. But I wonder if they know I used Bonus Points and no receipts uploaded yet. Hahahah... Yes! Confirm they know. They are not stupid like me with such question raise! ↓

In addition, please note that you have to make your purchase at participating retailer Fairprice, Cold Storage, Giant, Sheng Siong, Watsons, Guardian, 7-11 & Cheers only. 

So if you are a Cadbury lover, don't miss out on this. Make your every single cents spent on their products more worthy than ever. Enjoy!