I'm on Imotiv!

So what is Imotiv and why am I there?

I guess some might know that Imotiv is the new generation of the former NuffnangX. I should say is improved version.

About Imotiv:

Imotiv is a blog reading app that lets you organize your favorite blogs (please include mine in your list even if it is not your favourite) onto one single platform so you can read them on the go. The special technology breaks down wordy articles, picking up the most expressive line in a blog post. You can now easily choose what you want to read in the shortest amount of time.

So following blogs can never be easy than this. Don't need a lappy or desktop PC anymore. Read from your mobile. Download Imotiv now!!! Available on the App Store and +Google Play!

You can follow Imotiv on Twitter at @ImotivApp or their Facebook page.

Don't wait any longer! Do it right now!