I think is kinda crazy to do this but I guess in order to remember the wonderful days with my girlfriends, I just have to do it. It is all about us and just us. Kinda fun those days. So crazy. Lots of my unglam photos so bear with it. But my girlfriends are pretty so enjoy!

Year XXXX's Easter Day at Boiler

This wonderful night drives me insane!!! Alcoholic intoxication. We actually went for a baby shower in the afternoon and the same day at night we club. The 4 of us. Crazy 4! And yes, I have light makeup on for the photos for that night. 

I am forever the photographer even though there are others but I'm the main photographer for the Dearies Club and so everytime they will get unglam photos from me because I am always taking their candid shots and one fine day I will kana back from them. I guess I kana already!

Unglam photo of me. I don't know what the hell am I thinking and doing so my another babe took lor. Revenge mah!

Yes... My long hair is always covering my face because I'm fugly and no face to face the world. Happy?

 Do I look like Liang Po Po? I got hunchback. And refuse to adjust it for a better posture. When I'm old, I confirm hunch even more.

Year XXXX at House Warming

I think is my babe Jasmine's housewarming. Many years ago.

A shoutout to Miss Kap Pang!!!!!! Your hairs are curled. You still want this look with curl hair?

Year XXXX at Baby Shower

This one I remember is Caline's baby gal's 1st month or 1st birthday. Either one.

You see lah... Standard one for me. Fringe sure cover my eyes. No face to face people and the world.


Year XXXX at Baby Shower again!

Ya same person. Caline's son. And that is on Easter Day. Before we head for Boiler at night.

 The late comer... I got one shot which she gets down from the cab. I don't know go where already. Have to find. Too many photos.

Year XXXX at Raffles City for impromptus meetup

Year XXXX at Alley Bar (which I called it that name and they know it)

Year XXXX at Wedding

Yes is my babe Ding Dong Bella's wedding. And yes I'm officially the last to get married!!!

Year XXXX at Wedding again

This time is our secondary school friend's wedding. A guy friend of ours.

Year XXXX at Butter Factory

Crazy night too! My younger days is all about clubbing. But not now. I will yawn when I step into those places. Age catches up. The photos are not in order and quite blur.

We actually club together a lot more than this but I guess that time we seldom take photos. Now all got smartphones. So convenience. 

That's all for now.