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I used to frequent Vivocity but after I changed my job last year, the frequency has lessen. But it seems much more convenience for me to go there for dates with my guy because a straight train there. Anyway convenience is one. Expensive is another. Yes... having your meals there are rather expensive. At least gonna spend a $20 (please do not compare with foodcourt of fastfood!!!) at restaurants.

Talking about convenience. When it comes to having dinner at Vivocity, we will choose a less crowded restaurant although usually we go there on a Mon or Tues. So conveniently, we choose Central Restaurant and we have patronised for more than 3 times. 

It is a Hongkong style restaurant that sells typical Hongkong style food (although not authentic of course) and I think they went thru renovation recently and the restaurant interior has a new look. More Hongkong style feel. Like those 茶餐厅 you see in Hong Kong movies.

Not bad right? They design in a way which seems like you are seated beside the window and when you look out, it is the streets of Hong Kong and the lights changes accordingly. Superb got feel. Makes me wanna go Hong Kong soon. 

To further enhance the feel, there are bird cages hanging up above your head. Yes... I guess in Hong Kong, the people there like bring their birds along for morning or afternoon tea. And then talk about all things under the sun. Superb great feeling. Got realise on the left, the lighting change colour again? Now I know got red, green and blue colour lights. The seatings are Hong Kong way too. See the stretch to the back. But I see from Hong Kong movies, they have a panel up on top of the seats. Vintage panels. Privacy right? Hahahah...

That's the serving area. They hang a lot of Hong Kong movie stars photos. All those old stars which I guess some are not around anymore. 

Ya... The most typical picture to see especially in those Hong Kong theme restaurant will be Bruce Lee. This is near the serving area. Okay I really need to say one thing. The chairs not retro enough. Hey!!! When I was young, I lived with my grandparents and they left behind now more vintage chairs than these. Anyway, the restaurant owner happy can already. But I just find it not good enough. But the wall and floor tiles are okay. Very retro!

I zoom in the same picture and did you spot the vintage phones on the wall on your left? Yes... old phones which you hardly see it anymore. Unless in Hong Kong movies.

And here is more seats and the cashier counter. Beside the cashier counter, they sell takeaway or dine in side dishes aka cooked food like fishballs, porkmeat balls, beancurd skin and etc. It is just like in Taiwan they call in 關東煮 where the food are cooked in water or soup base, waiting for customers to pick and go.

Okay... So we glance through the menu and made our choice. And by the way, they change their menu from one that is in booklet form with photos to a A3 size kind of menu with no photos. But sometimes photos are deceiving too. Looks good but taste bad. That's what we usually encounter. A very good food photography! Well done.

So this is what we have picked from the takeaway corner. Nothing special right? My guy picked beancurd skin, fishball (which supposed to be curry fishballs) and porkmeat balls. Sauce was given in a small plate with 4 different types. Basically it is for us to blend all 4 together with our food. But nothing to 'WOW' about. In Hong Kong, the curry fishball they use is those smaller ones. Here in Singapore, they use the fried type of fishball. The fishball did not absorb much of the curry taste hence to us is just those typical fried fishballs. The same goes to the rest. The porkmeat ball has a soft texture but a little bland. The beancurd skin tastes so-so. After so long, not much improvement on the taste part.

Oh my god! The cup is so cute. Where can I buy that? I wan it for my new house. This is our drinks. I ordered for myself a YinYang Pearl Tea ($2.80). Actually is under their Bubble Tea category, if I remember correctly. Nothing much to comment. Just YinYang + pearls + ice. Simple as that. And my guy a Hot Ginger Milk Tea ($2.00). I should have choose that. Needed something warm actually. Maybe he ordered already so I don't want to be the same.

I keep admiring at the cup throughout the dinner. I just don't know what attracts me so much to that cup and saucer. Oh please... Let me find this one day!!!! I superb love!

Okay done! No more. This is the last shot of the cup. Zoom to the max. Don't you find it cute and nice? I find it really is, okay?

A typical stainless steel chopsticks holder. One thing I don't like about here is they never provide toothpicks and serviette. And provide sugar only! Toothpicks okay lah but how about serviette? Expect customers to use their own tissues? Hello!!! I pay for taxes (service and GST)!!! So sad.

This is Crispy Duck Meat rice ($6.90). My guy has no appetite already and yet he chose something which he thinks should be fantastic but end up making him feel worse. Okay let me tell you. The rice is below the egg. The egg very familiar right? You have it at home right? Sunny sideup with a light soya sauce on top. Initially I thought is some fried rice but actually is not. Just plain white rice. The duck meat and vegetables are not fresh. The duck meat are harden, taste like those leftover from yesterday. And the looks of those vegetables simply turn you off. My guy can cook better!!! The only thing that is fresh will be the sunny sideup and luncheon meat, which of course must be cooked on the spot lah! Okay lah. Maybe I give the benefit of doubt. We came in the evening for dinner. Maybe the duck from morning till evening, not as tasty as it supposed to be when freshly done. Okay ar! Don't say I never give face!!!

This is my Sichuan Dan Dan Noodles ($5.00). When they serve up this noodles, first thing that comes to my mind is why the soup so diluted and not red enough? I mean my impression of Sichuan food is spicy and so the soup base should be like red hot chillli in colour. So disappointed.

This is after I mix. There are only strips of cucumbers and minced meat. And yes the taste is spicy but I don't know why the noodles taste bland. The noodles used should be those for ramen. But really for one thing, the noodles did not absorb that soup taste. Not enough at all. The taste is so separate. Totally nothing to rave about. I don't wanna ordered the Noodles with Luncheon meat and egg because I will get scolded by my guy. Why? Because at home we can cook ourselves. Okay that one I tried before too. Nothing to rave about. But I just like that because so Hong Kong lor. 

So my final verdict: Once awhile if I really run out of idea to eat, then I will go for Central Restaurant. Last night we went for that is because my guy has no appetite and just eating for the sake of eating!!! And he is tired and back pain for the whole day. This meal spoilt his mood further. 

We spent a total of $19.66! Okay lah. 一分钱一分货. What can you expect from here when it is considered cheap? So when it is cheap, should expect the taste of their food so-so. But not all are like that okay? Some cheap but good taste and service! 

If you want to prove me wrong, go patronise their outlet at Vivocity yourself:

Central Restaurant @ Vivocity
No. 1 Harbourfront Walk
#B2-13/14 Vivocity
Singapore 098585
MRT Station: Harbourfront

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Thank you for reading and BYE BYE!