Water Babe

I want to call myself a Water Babe.  I love swimming.  I learn swimming since Primary school. Wow... That's a long time.  I love water!  I do scare of water too.  Bcos tsunami can kill lotsa ppl.  Well... I still love water and e deep blue sea.

Last nite, I went swimming straight after work.  Told myself that I shall swim 8 laps.  1 lap is to and fro the pool. I have did it.  And is definitely an encouragement for myself as I will continue to swim for leisure n slimming dw.  My swimming days shall be every Tue, Thurs and Sat.  But my Sat can b either swim or gym or both.  For mi to choose.  Cos I did both once before in a day.  Well... That's when my guy has no time for mi or when we quarrel.  Spendin my time gym n swim in a day is beta than spendin time at hm do nth bt sms him non stop to scold him (when we quarrel).  I think as my age grows, I can think maturely.

He has not accompany mi for the past 5 days as he is busy with renovation works of their company's new office, which expected to complete in a month's time.  Well, I asked him if next wk is gonna b e same like this wk, he said he tried but no promise that he can accompany mi like as usual.  What can I say?  Work.  Not flirting outside.  I c with my own eyes today.

The moment I meet him, he is talking on e phone, instructing his men what to do and phone calls keep coming.  He is like, needed every time.  Haiz... That pathetic pay but work and responsibility so much.  Overloaded + underpaid.

For me, I m just sian.  Nv c him.  Everyday go hm straight after work.  Nv go anywhere.  

Please come to an end soon.  That will be next month, I hope!  Meanwhile, I shall do what I suppose to.  And that's is to b a understanding and independent gf.  Find my own activities, like swimming. Hahahah...