No life

I happen to read back my past posts.  Find that last time my last is so happening.  Study, marathon run, holidays, clubbing.  Nw is what?  Nt happening at all.  I think best is I get back to a happenin life again.  Hmm... When I mit my guy tml, shall ask for his opinion if is it appropriate to go take up my degree course at this point of time where we nit to save up money for our flat, wedding and future.  Oh well.. Money is still not enuff for mi to survive thru the whole 2 yrs if I were to study.  Nit to put some consideration in for good.  Haiz... I doubt today he will mit mi.  Bz e whole day even after his normal working hours.  I have already pack my bag for swimming straight after work.  8 laps.  That's my target today.  Normal laps, 6.