After my 30th birthday, tat determination in my heart sets to go!  Well... I definitely love it and I do enjoy it.

Sometimes I feel tired after work.  Reali on e verge of droppin e idea of swimming or gym.  Bt manage to push myself.  That's of cos good bt am I pushin myself too hard?  Will I get injury which I will nv find out until it happens?  Bless my heart and soul.

For mi rite nw, I gym, swim and jog.  This is my exercise regime.  I gym and swim alone.  I jog wif my love one.  What I hope next is swim wif my love one.  He is someone who like hassle free thingy.  Most impt, FOC.  For mi, I follow e trend.  I dun care abt money though I'm stingy.

I also wish to take up tennis again, this time wif him.  It may b dull to jus gym-swim-jog.  I blend this 3 together so tat I won't get sick of it so easily.  Bt wat if I m?  Next alternative will b tennis or badminton.

I hope tat for e next 7 mths till end of 2011, I can spend more time in SG doin sometin I like rather than goin for short trips which costs mi a bomb!  Accumulate all these bits of money which I will spend on short trips for a longer holiday.  Korea, see u in 2012!