4 days

Hmm... He has been busy with the reno works at his office.  Wah biang! Is confirmed early that today we are not meeting up.  Cos at nite he has works to carry out.  4 days!  Same like last wk.  Haiz... Until e reno works are done, I doubt he gt time for me.  Another way to comfort myself is that we save money.  Save more money for our holidays, our flat and wedding.  Bt I'm bored.  Bt I keep telling myself I'm left with not much of money to survive till next pay day which is next Thurs.  So is best too that I dun go out anyhow.  If nt, I'm gonna be broke.

I'm working this Sat.  Is he gonna accompany mi?  Am I going home after work instead of meeting him straight?  Haiz...  I m not hopeful tat he will meet mi on Fri. 

Everytime rch home, I oso duno wat to do.  I guess for today, I will stick to my schedule.  Shall go swimming.  Must not slack! No way!  If he is nt meetin TOM, I will oso go swimming since Sat I can't do anytin cos I'm workin.

Haiz... Work for money! Bt no matter wat, so long u work frm 8-5pm is stil work n u stil get paid.  So?????