Healthy aka Exercise Babe

When woman reach the age of 25, their metabolism starts to slow down. That is what I know since I'm 24. Before I started dating my current bf, I used to gym, swim, take up kickbox/aerobics classes and once awhile go jogging.  Manage to maintain my weight though I weigh heavier than before. I even go for run like Shape Run, Great Eastern Women Run etc.  But after I started dating, I slack a lot. Initially, I still go gym on Sat before I meet my bf. Den slowly, I stop. V slack. But still take up Shape Run etc.  N I put on even my weight.  N he realise that too.  

Now at e age of 30, I make a comeback. Start of 2011, I give myself some thoughts. I wan to b healthy. I wan to b slim and tone. I wan him to c mi as a hardworking gf and future wife. Not a lazy bum bum!  Someone who can go jogging with him on Sundays and not on his own.

Well well... I feel good now! No more puffing and I feel even more healthy. Going to 3 months since I stop puffing. Well done! I shall not mix with those ex colleagues for e moment. Till I totally out of puffing circle. I m doing well now. Just that I nit 6 months to get rid of those thots. I m proud of myself. Hahahaha...