Polling Day is 7 May 2011

Finally I get to vote tomorrow.

My family and I are voting for Jurong GRC.  Well, it has been contested and that is why I get to vote.

Sad to say, till now I am still not sure who to vote for.

If I vote for the 'Thunder', what will I get?

If I vote for Opposition, what will I get too?

I am sure 'Thunder' will win.  People will tend to vote for Opposition, even knowing that they will not win but to pull the number of votes down from 'Thunder'.

Well, I'm one of them who thinks this way.

But will it affect my future like applying for house, grants, childcare benefits etc?

I'm not married yet but one day I will.  I'm in the midst of applying for my flat.  Gone thru 1st stage and some more stages to go before I get my flat.