Lone Ranger, yet again

I should say that today is yet another beginning for me.  I'm working alone again, like I used to be in my previous company.  Because my Senior resigned, for a better opportunity.  Sigh.  Is good or bad?  New sets of thing to learn.  I'm not sure if I can succeed in this jobscope, but hopefully I can.  Is something different from my previous job.  Some similarity is there but still, I'm learning more than last time.  This is considered good.  But bad thing is, I'm afraid things will go wrong.

Basically, I planned my Taiwan trip last year.  I have already told my new superior about it way early when I joined them in March, or I can say even way back when I was interviewed by them.  Too bad, at the very last minute, my Senior resigned and handover was so rush.  Somemore we shifted office and had to start operation on the following working day. 

Am I at fault?  What have I protray myself to them?  But still, I'm not at fault.  Neither is my Senior.  When opportunity comes, we must grab.  Just like me.  I grab my opportunity to venture out there instead of staying put in that company of 4.5yrs+.

As for today, I just came back from my holiday and everything is so messy that I am so scare that I can't cope.  Lucky I manage to get most of it clear but there is still some pending for Monday to be executed.

I hope I find the courage again to learn on my own with minimal assistance from human but from reference.