Tired days

Well... I started to miss Taipei.  How I wish I'm there for weeks or months.  I love tat place.  No regrets spendin money there.

Now, my next destination is Korea.  I want to go.  Bt I guess is best that frm nw till end of this year, I stop my impulsive travelling.  My job confirmation is Sep 2011. Stage by stage, I shall control myself.  Stop tinkin abt holidays bt most impt goal nw is slim dw till 48kg by end of year.  Hmm... If I am able to do so, I shall treat myself with a pair of my fav Levis jeans.  I hv nv achieve it so tis time I must.  My goal for 2011.

I got lotsa thingy in mind.  I wan to slim dw.  I wan to learn another language and able to converse and write like a native.  I wan to b more active on sports, especially swimming.  I wan to learn tennis, squash and cycling.  I wan to learn cooking.  I wan to get married.

Hahahah... Slowly, I will do it one by one.  Ah! One  more, learn to eat small meals in a healthy way and healthy food.

Wish mi luck!