Media Invite | ARTBOX Singapore is here!

Let's get sweaty together at Artbox Singapore!

Thanks to DBS Bank, the title sponsor for Artbox 2017. Artbox is here in Singapore at Marina Bayfront (Bayfront Event space beside Marina Bay Sands) from 14-16 April and 21-23 April 2017, 3pm to 11pm. Mark those dates down to avoid disappointment!

The highlights of Singapore edition of Artbox include:
  • Each weekend, there will be over 300 international creative entrepreneurs with a wide range of product categories from handcrafted bags, air hammocks to original wares;
  • The most hipster market with stunning visual crowd-pullers like shipping containers and fairy lights display;
  • A total event space of over 500k square feet for an expected turnout of 400k people during the two weekends.
Let's talk about my experience.

14 April 2017. Good Friday. But it wasn't a good start on the first day. It was raining cats and dogs. Then it got heavier. Some stalls were not opened yet. Some were braving the rain to get on with business. I admired that. Walking through the narrow paths with everyone having an umbrella on hand and drenched. It was a turn off and so I gave up and headed back home. 

22 April 2017. A Friday too. I got sunshine, like finally. I was all prep with brolly, water-resistant jacket to brave the rain (if any). Never get to use. How lucky I am! And I was so kiasu that I arrived there at about 1.30pm. That's a tip for first-timer. Never mind the wait. I can go around taking some photos before the crowd comes. Time goes by fast and some stalls are up and going. So I'm back here to conquer the weather and crowd with a vengeance. I set a budget of $30 to spend at Artbox.

Tio Smoke $6 

First stop. I got myself some of these cool stuff from Tio Smoke. As you chew on, you breathe out smoke and that is from the liquid nitrogen. Basically is like meringue and a little sweetness on it. But is really cool and fun. Too bad my husband is not here with me.

Churros Factory $5 for 3 

I guess the last time I had churros was during my Auckland trip last Aug. Since is available here at Artbox, grab and satisfy that longing for churros. Not bad I must say. Crispy on the outside.

Thai Black Tea $2.50

Yes I know. Everyone went for Thai Milk Tea but I had Thai Black Tea instead. I couldn't resist whenever I see black tea or red tea or even assam tea. This one here was a little sweet for me. Can they do like those bubble tea shop, asking customer the sugar level they want? I hope lah but doubt so. Actually I was waiting for The Talad Drink stall to start business but I really needed a drink to quench my thirst especially on this weather. Well... you just gotta have something. Yup I had.

The Talad Drink $5 per bottle

This drink had me standing under the hot sun for at least 30 mins. I think more than that. The queue was so long. Thankfully I never get heat stroke. They were so kind to even set up a mini prop at the stall for customers to take photos of their purchase before packing it up for them. Of course I did take a snap shot before I left. Bought their exclusive drink, The Mermaid Tears (only at Artbox) and also a bottle of An Chan Lemonade. They were the saviour during such a hot weather. Very refreshing though just syrup. You know we humans are fascinated by colours. Esp a mix of colours.

Before I end this post, let me bring you through the site of Artbox so that you have a rough idea of how it was like. And can you imagine on a Friday afternoon, the crowd can be that overwhelming. Excuse people. Did you all take leave to go Artbox or what? For me, I no work at all. So I can come. Yeah!!! Very localised market with a blend of Thai vendors. That is how it should be, don't you think?

What's more?
  • First 50 tertiary students (polytechnics and universities) per day to flash their student passes and DBS/POSB cards at the DBS Live Fresh zone will get a special Artbox Singapore tote bag!
  • All DBS/POSB cardmembers have access to the DBS Live Fresh zone - a super chill zone to hang out with your friends amidst the hustle and bustle!
  • DBS is also running a Facebook contest to give away 3 Artbox goodie bags worth over S$30 each. More details, log on to the link here.
Okay. So bring your DBS/POSB cards and student passes along to Artbox Singapore now!