Food Review | Flames of India

If it wasn't for my colleagues who brought me for a farewell lunch, I won't know there is this Indian restaurant just behind the campus. The moment you stepped into the restaurant, you find it quiet. No music played to create some atmosphere and not much of customers despite lunch hours. So easily you can get a seat. But I find it uncomfortable with that sort of dead silence in the restaurant. Especially at that moment when you realized your table were the only occupied one. 

Here it serves Indian cuisine in buffet style at affordable price. The buffet spread were quite decent in taste with a good amount of choices. Veggies and meat, your choice. Plus naan and papadum. I especially love papadum. That thin, crispy and round cracker. But eat in moderation because it can be quite heaty when you overeat them. This makes me miss the Indian stall at the old Science canteen in NUS. I love their food and I don't know why.

My colleague's 2nd round. I think she loves ladyfingers very much. Not for me. I am more of a meat and fried food eater. Haha... She had been here many times and raved about their food. 

Saw these drinks beside the cashier counter. Looks interesting though I have never tried. Especially when it wrote Basil Seed Drink with 3 different flavours: Orange, Pomegranate and Lychee. 

So pop by if you are near there or even working at that building. No queue and you can find a seat easily. Unless somebody booked the whole restaurant for event. 

Flames of India
1 Science Park Road, Science Park 2
#01-11, The Capricorn
Singapore 117528
Nearest MRT: Kent Ridge