Product Review | Drink w T.Grand

From a distributor to manufacturer, T.Grand has grown to be one of Taiwan's leading beverage companies in Taiwan since 2006. The most successful range of their decade-long effort in R&D will be the Assam Milk Tea and Assam Black Tea. Their products can be found all over Taiwan in convenient stores, supermarkets, a few to name. They have also set foot on overseas markets like Australia, New Zealand and so on.

Assam Green Milk Tea

Light and smooth, this drink is not too sweet nor overwhelming with the taste of milk. An after-taste from the milk tea that lingers in your mouth. My favourite. Just have to emphasize that. 

Apple & Kalamansi & Lemon Fusion w Chia Seed

One of their new addition in the product list. One that is so ready for the unpredictable weather here in Singapore. Combining the juices with chia seeds, a perfect boost for Vitamin C. I drank that after an evening run. Chilling, refreshing sweet taste.

Pineapple & Orange Fusion w Chia Seed

Or, for a more citrus taste, you can try this too. I love it when the chia seeds lingers in my mouth. That jelly feel.

Assam Milk Tea - Strawberry Flavour

I was asked why the milk tea is brown in colour instead of pink. I would think is because of the assam tea content. It puts assam tea to a test on how it can blend with different flavours to create a new unqiue taste. So here, you get that malty flavour from assam tea plus mild sweetness from the strawberry flavouring.

Assam Lemon Tea

The first time I had lemon tea that doesn't have that overwhelming lemon taste. Smooth with not much of astringent taste. Go with some snacks to balance out the overall experience.

Assam Black Tea

Anticipating this one because I really love black tea. And at those bubble tea shops, I would order only black tea and none other. The taste was good though a little sweet for me. But I poured some water into it and it was just nice.

Overall, I'm quite impressed with their Milk Tea series because it tastes just so light and not very milky. Tried the Assam Milk Tea and it was good.

I'm a tea lover for the longest time and other than a cup of hot green tea everyday, my next love will be black tea. How I came to love black tea? Many years back on a trip to Kaohsiung, Taiwan when we were at a night market. The drink stall sold very nice and chilled black tea, which even my husband agreed. That is how I came to love the 2nd type of tea in my life.

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