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Happen to see this restaurant at Orchard and my friend said the food was cheap. Since there is an outlet at J Cube, decided that this month's 'back home for dinner' shall be an eat-out with the family. The folks seldom eat out and mostly my mum will cook at home. Would think sometimes they need to let loose and have something different. 

This restaurant is still affordable and all of us are happy with the food, at least. That call-bell at every table is actually quite good idea because we don't need to wave or gesture or even clicking to get attention. The serving time was fast. Never short-change on quality and the portion is generous. 

Seafood Soup Pasta $7.90

Soaked in tomato sauce, my dad had this with seafood contents like squid, clams and mussels despite having some skin allergy. Then ended up picking out those seafood and got us to finish it. But he was enjoying it, having every sip of the sauce till almost clean. Almost only. However, it looked more like pasta soup to me. Indeed. Or just maybe.

Peperoncino Shrimp & Broccoli $5.90

I tried some from my bro and loving it. Okay basically it tasted like aglio olio. A little spicy but not overwhelming. Will have that the next visit.

Mushroom Spinach Cream $6.90

Very cheesy and creamy. Surprisingly, my mum loved it and finished everything (except giving out some on a small plate for us to try or finish it).

Squid Ink $5.90

That was mine. I would say this was the first time I had Squid Ink spaghetti in proper all by myself. Flavourful and the best choice I have ever made, though I looked like I was poisoned with the lips and teeth went black. Lip-smacking black! Haha... my dad asked to try some because both my parents were fascinated over that plate of spaghetti. And my mum threw me that 'yucks, look at your lips' look. Thanks mummy! I'm your daughter.

Tuscan Lamb Chop $10.90

Hub had this one and I must say that lamb smell was a little overwhelming. Probably it was meant to be like since it was mentioned in Tuscan-style marination. Honestly speaking, sometimes I find that having lamb chops are not that worthy because you end up having just a little bit of that meat but pay a steep price. Leftover a section of the lamb chop because it was mostly tendon. 

Pineapple & Bacon Pizza $7.90

An 8-inch pizza which made up of 6 slices, which was just nice for our family. Everything was finished up to the last bit. I liked it thin crust because you won't feel so full. Nice.

Well, I must say this is a great place to come when you are on budget and you see lots of youngster coming here for their meals. My bro visited their outlets here and City Square so recommended some of their appetizers like wings, sausage n more. Plus, No GST and service tax. I love you Saizeriya! I'll be back.

There are other outlets islandwide so find out more on their website here.

2 Jurong East Central 1
#02-106, JCube Mall
Singapore 609731
Tel: 6268 7512
Open from 11am to 10pm daily
Nearest MRT: Jurong East (EWL)


  1. Thanks Stella for your review! Hope to see you again at Saizeriya :)


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