Food Review | Goruden Singapore

NUS Kent Ridge campus will soon be a foodie paradise, I hope. Goruden is one of the new additions in campus and am very curious of what they will offer. What catches my eyes was that equipment that has chocolate on it, swirling like those we saw at pasar malam, that Kebab.

The concept is a mix of Asian and Mediterranean with a range of homemade menu that is prepared with... shhhh.... secret recipe. On top of that, you can customize your order by filling up the order slip and they will do according to your choice.

For me, I prefer something hassle-free so I picked those ready menu items. Fast and easy to consume. No need to crack my brain on the customization.

Classic Pita w Signature Pulled Pork

Have always seen on television how delicious pulled pork are and the process of making and marinating. I finally get my hands on one sandwiched between pita bread burger. Drizzled with chilli sauce and garlic mayo, some cheese and lettuces to balance the taste, the overall fares well. Though the pita burger was a little hard to bite off, and was chewy.

Charcoal Pita w Tonkatsu (Crispy Pork Cutlet)

Drizzled with chilli sauce and wasabi mayo, I would think that the highlight fell on that charcoal pita burger. The pork cutlet was good. Crispy and not greasy. More importantly, not too tough for that slice of meat.

Black Pepper Chicken Chop Pasta

If I remember correctly, you can choose between rice or pasta. My colleague chose the latter. Looks healthy to me with salad on the side, meat and pasta, you met almost the required nutrition for a meal. Don't you think?

They have another outlet at Orchard so look up from their website provided below. I will give a try on their desserts the next round. Cheers.

Goruden Singapore
31 Lower Kent Ridge Road
Central Square Level 2
Yusof Ishak House, NUS
Singapore 119078
Nearest MRT: Kent Ridge (Circle Line)