Culinary | To earn Wifey points

So... is a brand new life for me! Having my own house means I have all the rights and freedom to do whatever I want. Means fulfilling my dreams of baking and cooking. Yes... this has been so long and I'm damn bloody patient in waiting. 

Why didn't I just cook and bake in my parents' home? Because they are superb naggy and always meddle with what I do. Superb DON'T LIKE! Yes! Only when they gone for holidays, then I mess their kitchen. You should have seen it in my previous posts. Just check it out the label 'My Cooking Diary'. 

Let me show you what I did after moving in. I so loving it although is nothing compared to great cooks out there.

First stop. Using my Philips Airfryer to bake Nutella cake. Gotten the recipe from FB group. They are really awesome cooks. Oh by the way, I bot my Airfyer through QOO10 at $213. *Clap clap* My dream airfryer. Why I fall in love with this fryer? It is after we had a gathering at friend's place and he has one. So convenience. No need oil and stuff. Just throw your stuff in and that's it. I bought a baking tray for $19.90 that is compatible to this fryer. Then I realise something. For a lazy lady like me, I find it a hassle to do washing after frying food. So apart from using the baking tray to bake, I used it to put my food stuff for frying. Lessen the hassle. *Clap clap*

Let me share the simple recipe here which was shared by the awesome people in FB group. You can do it as cupcakes.

- 100g Self Raising Flour
- 250g Nutella
- 2 eggs

Mix all the above and put into your Airfryer at 160deg for 20 minutes.

Verdict: More practices to achieve perfection. The outside is hard but then the inside is soft. My hub commented that it tasted more like bread. Wahahahha... Idiot. Okay. Shall do it again when I'm on marriage leave next week. I want earn wifey points.

Next. I made barley water. Lame. *grins*

Verdict: Too sweet. Because I put too much melon strips. Now I know that the sweetness from melon strips comes slowly. So I shall just put half a pack. Well done. At least all the barley water are finished. He diluted it a little with hot water. Sorry though... cos he don't take sweet stuff unless when needed.

Next. Our Vesak Day breakfast after a short run with him. His ideal breakfast is fried beehoon or noodles. I'm bored with that. So I bot bread and fry hashbrowns using Airfryer and eggs too. He is quite determined that day to b a one day vegetarian so 2 slices of hashbrowns are his.

I find that buying this Junior White Thick Slice from Gardenia is the right choice for me. Way better than you buy 1 big loaf and cannot finish. Food wastage. I think right now I left with a few slices and gonna expire like tomorrow. So think on Sunday, I gonna do french toast with it. Won't die lah expire few days only. Reduce food wastage.

Next. Hong Kong Yee Fu Mee. Sorry but this one is like 70:30 in ratio. I just merely cook it with boiling water and add oil to it. The end product whipped up by him.

Verdict: Superb yummy. We again used leftovers in the fridge like veggie and mushrooms. Okay this is on Vesak day so very vegetarian style. No meat. This is a dry version with no sauce mixture over it. I like.

Lastly, mixed soup.

I never do it from scratch because lacking of ingredients. So I used pre-packed chicken broth. Add water and let it boil. I added prawn balls, crab balls, fishballs, crabsticks and cheese tofu. All leftovers. I seriously want to know when then I can finish the steamboat leftovers. Added light soya sauce a drip and sesame oil. Plus beaten egg. Well done! All is good. Add least there is taste. I also airfry popcorn chicken for so-called meat intake. If not the hub feels weak with no rice or meat. Weak!

That's all for today. More to come, esp next week. Cos I'm on leave for 3 days. Earn more wifey points. Wish me luck!