Food Review | Timbre @ The Arts House

It was last week when I met up with my girlfriend for a drink at Harry's Bar, Boat Quay. Just across Singapore River, I saw Timbre and was telling her that our next round of meet-up will be at Timbre. Yes. That's fast! This week just yesterday, we met up for a drink again. At Timbre. 

Timbre @ The Arts House is superb sophisticated and I feel so artistic man. The alfresco dining experience is definitely good. Cos you get to see the views of the entire stretch of Boat Quay. And wow... I have not been to museum like months (the last time was during this year's CNY with my parents) and when I saw the view of Boat Quay, I was like 'WTF! I'm missing a lot of such wonderful sight.' Damn it. Side note. Knowing that IndoChine is just beside Timbre, I told my girlfriend our next round will be IndoChine. 

How wonderful that feeling is passing-by The Fullerton Hotel and across the Cavenagh Bridge to Timbre. Tell me about it!

At Timbre, they use iPad as their menu. So whatever you want to eat or drink, order from there and you'll be served. Remember to submit and confirm your order. Just reminder!

Tiger $11, Limited Edition Pint $17
Give that man a Tiger! Oops... Give me a Tiger. Seems like ages that I drank Tiger. Once awhile it feels good. Ya... don't always Erdinger or Hoegarden. You can do it woman! No beers can drag u down. Except hard liquors. Damn it! I haven't been drinking for the longest time although I just had a pint last week. Anyway, social/occasional drinker is me. Thank you.

Truffle Fries & Buffalo Wings
Here comes our orders. I don't know but to me, is quite hard to find nice truffle fries and this one here was good but mediocre taste although I keep helping myself with the fries, non-stop. I wish for thicker fries. I miss the truffle fries at Au Chocolat.

For the buffalo wings, the sauce over it was tasty plus sweet. Nicely cooked (yet again the within is important). But messy affair as usual if you wanna have buffalo wings. Actually I prefer norm fried wings. Ahhh... Now I miss Harry's Bar Fried Chicken Wing.

Truffle Fries $10
The love and hate affair with Truffle Fries. Can anyone tell me where I can get truffle oil? I have been searching high and low for it. I know is gonna be expensive but owning a bottle is just so great. Everyday I'm truffling..

Buffalo Chicken Wings - $15
Come I let you eat Buffalo Wings in virtual. In visual. In whatever form that can be. It taste crispy on the outside. Expect drumlets too. May I ask if you peeps like drumlets or wings? Don't you find it harder to wipe out the wings? With my slicing skill, the drumlet is wipe clean without leaving any trace of meat. So next time, I do like to opt for Buffalo Drumlets. And then you will expect a few wings like in Buffalo Wings. What am I doin about? Crap.

Crap oh crap... Stop it!

Crispy Pork Belly $16
Excuse me. This looks totally different from what we saw in their menu which seems like wrapped in a popiah skin for each pork belly. Why on earth would I spend on this when I can get it at food centre that has an authentic taste and nice plus cheaper? Because we find it special in a way, so we ordered. Yes again. We are deceived by images. Oh god... Actually I can be those secret guest/customer to visit restaurants to check on their service and food standard. In this way, companies/biz owners can further improve or probably provide more trainings for their staff. 

Anyway, it was crispy indeed with tender pork meat plus lots of fats. No condiments to go with. Excuse me. Barely worth the price. 

Shared between 2 ladies. Why on earth are we doing this to ourselves and yet complain after that? Why why why? We are damn bitchy! 

We were looking at the menu again for our 2nd drink. This time round, I chose a Mocktail while my girlfriend chose Cocktail. And then before ordering, was browsing through the menu for Shooters and found some interesting but norm shooters.

So kinky! I sent to my closed group chat and ask the ladies to drink & BLOW! Wahahahahah..... Interesting.

Virgin Sakura $13, Daiquiri (Mango) $12
I think I miss Japan and so that tells why I chose Virgin Sakura. No lah... Cos is so lychee lor. Sweet and my mouth is so full of lychee taste and smell. Superb lychee. I love it. Why not they rename it as Virgin Lychee or Sakura Lychee? I think is because of the mild pinky effect that lychee brings out in the drink and so here comes the name. 

Well... I can say I quite like this place as there is live band that sang familiar pop songs. And that concludes the younger crowd we saw yesterday night where the genre suits them all. I feel so old now though I love every songs. And we also realized that their pizza is quite popular and no doubt you see pizza on every table. So next time I'm gonna come back here to hang out.

UOB Card members get to enjoy 10% discount of food items. Lucky I have. Save that bits is better than nothing at all.

Timbre @ The Arts House
1 Old Parliament Lane #01-04
Singapore 179429 
Nearest MRT station: Raffles Place