[Featured] Hut of Joy

Accessories? Bags? Nail Colours? Make-up essentials? Wonder where to find all the necessity at your convenience? Fret not. Here is a new addition to the online store list, Hut of Joy to serve your needs.

Hut of Joy is newly established online store since April 2014 whom intended to share the joy of bringing pretty,adorable and attractive bits and pieces to all ladies out there. Won't you feel wonderful when you see nice and cute stuff? Some of us may react with an 'Awwww.... So cute!' Am I right or am I right? I'm one of those, if I come across something I fancy. Everybody say 'Awwwwwww....!'

Products ranging from color lens, cute passport holder and cups to clothes. And they will be bringing branded bags from Europe too. Real soon! Stay tune on that! What else do you look forward to from Hut of Joy? I wish for more falsies, plushies, nail colours and etc. Let us make a wish now!

Color lens are of zero degrees so non-specky ladies out there, this is for you! And guys if you wanna try, you can too! Nowadays guys also do 'doll up' themselves. Don't play play! They can be more vain than we ladies. So beware! Don't get electrocuted by their alluring eyes! Haha... Just like those Korean male artistes. Who do you like? Lee Min-ho? Aww.... 
Kim Hyun Joong? *scream*

Now here are some of my favourite picks:

Mailbox Passport Holder - $10
Simple and nice. That envelope sticking out from the mailbox hole looking as though it was for real, don't you think? Oh man... Perfect gift on any occasion, especially those wanderlust. Such holder actually make you feel warmth at heart wherever you bound. That's my experience. Can't really describe that feeling. But definitely it is better than a mediocre transparent passport holder.

Couple Tees - $34/pair or $19/tee
The 'Where are you' design. Won't you feel cute if you wear it with your boyfriends or husband when heading out? Others will be giggling away upon seeing you pair. There are lots more designs in their Facebook page so check it out. The sizes and measurements are all in! Hey you peeps! Don't LOL if you ever see me on the streets wearing this couple tee with my hub! Cos I think is cute! Hahahaha...

I leave you peeps to explore further on their Page.

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Can't wait for more products from them!