Eventful Week

Hi... I'm back! Sorry for the hiatus. Was so busy last week with Betrothal day on Tues, bed installation on Thurs and moving-in + steamboat lunch + advance Mother's Day celebration on Sat. Tell me. Where got mood to blog right? So now with bits of time, let me update a bit. If not, kiss goodbye to my dear readers.

6 May 2014 - Betrothal Day

Prepared this for my mother-in-law which supposed to give after the Betrothal Day. I don't know but I find that the lady's side is always on the losing end because we prepared lots more than the guy's side. WTF! Nvm. Just a small amount to symbolize this occasion. Whatever.

The return-gifts to the guy's side. Prep all by my mum. Hehehe... My oranges are bigger than those from the guy's side. Sweeter too. 

And so he arrived 9+ near 10 in the morning with all these stuff.

The wedding cakes from Gin Thye Cake Maker is awesome. No coarse texture which really makes you feel so dry. This is good. With decades of experience in cake making, I think it is a good choice for couples to order wedding cakes. 

So this is the buffet I ordered from Neo Garden. Awesome food. I made the right choice from their menu.

The pineapple rice is fantastic and all of us are praising it. Hot weather so I didn't really had much plus so many people at my house.

Sorry for taking the peekture half way through. Too busy. Plus the food is fast selling yo.

My mom's side of family
My dad's side of family
My dad's side of family
His family
8 May 2014 - Bed Installation

Done. Actually the bedsheets were done b4 hand. Ya the husband's kind of convenient sake mentality. WTF! K finally get to sleep on this bed in 4 days time! 

10 May 2014 - Move-in + Steamboat lunch + Advance Mother's Day


So I planned this before hand that both side of our family to gather at our new house for lunch. A celebratory day that I planned. Success! Plus fake bouquet of cheap pretty flowers for 3 mothers: my mom, my mother-in-law and sis-in-law. Nv take peektures. Totally forgotten. Anyway, everyone was happy and enjoy that day. Now is the last stop: our wedding on 18 May. Finally. Everything is done. I just can't wait. So tiring from all the plannings. Mostly me. My hub? Mostly I plan n he do. Okay lah. He mostly do the house thingy like repair and etc. I contribute quite a lot though. Nt bad. He cannot say I do nothing. Slap him then he know.

K. Shall update again. Heading off for waxing appointment. Bye!