Food Review | Japanese Gourmet Town

I'm quite a regular patron to Vivocity and if I went out of choices for food (all depending on my craving + no queue), I head for Japanese Gourmet Town located at Level 1 for some ramen and gyoza. That to me is a quick fix in general.

As mentioned in my previous post Timbre @ The Arts House, now is already so common seeing iPad as the menu for customers. Convenience but need some investment on that to get this system started. Well... at Japanese Gourmet Town, they have started with iPad Menu too. What's new, right?

Choose from the variety like Ajisen ramen, Hokkaido ramen, Aji-tei and Botejyu. Usually I vary between Ajisen and Hokkaido Ramen. But one thing is they still provide the table menu for customers' reference and ordering is straight on the screen. 

Here's the Ramen set. Ordered Seafood Tom Yam Ramen. Tell me about it. I love tom yum (but why they spell it 'Yam' instead?).

Ordered the wrong ramen for my man under Hokkaido Ramen. Blardy hell! He wasn't concentrating when I asked him. Too many phone calls on work. Damn his work! So he kept saying spicy and I thought should be Spicy Gyokai Shabu Ramen. But it isn't. Should be Gyokai Seafood Ramen. Yes he emphasized later the one he saw had scallops and prawns. ORDER YOURSELF PLEASE!

Seafood Tom Yam Ramen $11
Okay. I can say that the seafood portion was good. You can find crabstick, squid, tomato?, pork?, beansprouts. But most importantly, the soup. OMG how shiok it is to have tom yum ramen! The lemongrass smell not very overwhelming. I believe some of you may not be used to or probably hate lemongrass smell. But it can never go without when it comes to Tom Yum soup. Everything is fresh. Happy with the well-cooked ramen. But my man said instant noodles taste better than that. WTF!

As the ramen set comes with a main, side dish and a drink, I chose cuttlefish and I'm loving it. It is so soft with every bite. But I have to comment on this. The batter for this cuttlefish is kind of coarse though it makes it crunchy too. Try scraping the excess batter off before frying to balance out every bite.

Oh hi... That's Whitefish on the top left, comes along with my man's ramen set. Soft and a little crispy. And sorry! Did not have a take on his ramen. Too boring (cos wrong order). Ya lah... Mine also boring. Always Tom Yum Tom Yum... Boring newly wed!

So visit them today at Vivocity for the variety of Ramen and more. After your meal, take a stroll on Sentosa Boardwalk for a 1km to and fro walk to digest a little or you may want to spend a dollar to enter Sentosa for a visit to USS or RWS or casino. Enjoy!

Japanese Gourmet Town
1 Harbourfront Walk
#01-157/158 Vivocity
Singapore 098585
Nearest MRT: Harbourfront