The Wedding Prep

Wow... a week has passed since my 18 May wedding. Finally got over it!!!! Too much of effort is needed even though mine is so simplified. For the past 5 months was all about wedding prep and new house renovation. Arguments with my parents and hub over all the trivial stuff. And finally is over! I am so blardy glad! So let me just tell the story of my nonsensical prep on the very last week before my 18 May wedding.

Bridal Nails

My ugly hands and feet. Sorry if it scares you. I went for mani and pedi at Pink Parlour, One Kent Ridge outlet (Level 4). Actually I have package with a neighbourhood nail salon but then come to think of it, I really don't have the time to fly down Woodlands (though is near my new house) after work. So for convenience sake, I went to whatever is nearest to my workplace. For the pedicure, I'm not very satisfied as you can see, the dead skins are still around even after scrub. But I like the colour. Now I love my feet with nail colours. Never mind the hands. I feel and look good when in slippers with nail colours. Now I understand the rational behind every woman who always pay a visit to nail salon. Now because I did for the sake of my wedding, I'm gonna continue to do the feet justice by bringing colours to them as and when. 

Bridesmaid Briefing

I'm damn sorry but I'm seriously too busy to meet them before my wedding day. So an impromptus meet up on weekday (superb unusual) to tie up the loose ends. They blast me with lots of questions which makes me like 'Wow... I actually forgot all these small details? Damn it!'. Come... I clap for you Stella! Well done huh! Luckily one of them is superb well-versed with all the details of how actual day wedding goes so I'm saved! Because of convenience, we met up at Causeway Point after work. I was thinking how to celebrate the sisters' birthday (because they are May Babies). So finally I decided to buy them a Marbleslab cake. One stone kill two birds. Celebrate both at one go. Bravo. Nice cake they have at Marbleslab.

Not too sweet (at the right tone) for everyone. Yummeh... Now I find that I love ice cream cakes more than normal creamy cakes. 

Wedding Shoes

Initially I bought one from +CHARLES & KEITH but then the hub said is too high (because he is about the same height as me) so asked me to buy another one. Ego! I just cannot be taller than him. That's all. 

But I think if I wear this on my AD, I will fall a 'Dog eat shit' (translate to Chinese). So high and I'm not a heel person and only when there is any special occasion, then I wear. Or probably those lower ones. But end of the day, it all depends on my balance. That's why till now I don't know how to cycle. Damn shitty! Balancing problem. Ram towards a tree before while learning. Fark! 

So end up buying one at Metro Causeway Point.

Plain Jane I know. Whatever! That wedding day I wear and walk like nobody's business while dragging my gown around the hotel. Quite fun.


I redeem a voucher from Starhub for +Dunkin' Donuts so I went IMM to get a dozen for whoever comes in the morning of my AD. I love how colourful their donuts. Taste good too! My voucher is like buy half a dozen free another half dozen. Why not?

Actual Day

Didn't sleep much. WTF! So I wake up at 6.30am. Bathe and get ready for the makeup artist to transform me into a prettier me. Just for one day. 

The song from My Fair Lady, Get Me to the Church on Time.

'For I'm gettin' married in the mornin' 

Ding dong! the bells are gonna chime. 
Kick up a rumpus but don't lost the compass; 
And get me to the church, Get me to the church, 
For God's sake, get me to the church on time!'

Oops... I'm not going to any church. Just norm Chinese customary. But then since young, I'm so influenced by this movie My Fair Lady that I can sing out bits of every song from their soundtrack. The above is just one of them. And it also explains why I put up a portrait of Audrey Hepburn in the living room. I bought from IKEA. 

That's not the point right now. Just wanna show a few photos I took that day with my friends. And godson. Selfie, mind you.

My Godson
My ITE classmate
My Sec Sc classmate
What else did I miss? Anyway the AD photos are not ready yet as our friends (the photographers of that day) are too busy with work. So never mind. Relax... Shall share more when I got it.