Food Review - Harry's Bar @ Boat Quay

Where do you usually hang out with your friends for a drink? I mean once awhile and not always! Drinking isn't that good nor bad but if you know your limits, occasional and moderate drinking won't harm. At least for me.

That's 3 days after taking my marriage leave, I went back to work last Thursday and met up with my girlfriend for a drink. Okay not just that but chicken wings + pizza. That's our dinner if we drink. Who on earth will filled yourself to brim and drink? You must be joking alright! Wait puke out! Seriously only those hard core drinkers can. I think.

Recently really put on weight again! Because I have been eating with no exercise. This is absolutely bad. So I signed up Shape Run 10km Cat (finally increase the mileage) and Great Eastern Women Run 21km Cat. Time to train and run like last time. Meanwhile my slimming plan start co-currently.

Okay. Out of the point now. Let me just talk more about food.

So I was saying we had chicken wings and pizza. Awesome! Like glutton, I eat and eat!

Harry's Classic Pizza at $16 and I love thin crust pizza. Because you won't get full easily like normal pan pizza that is thick crust. This is crispy and crusty. The tomato paste can be taste instantly together with melted Mozzarella Cheese over it. There are 8 slices cut up so we both have 4 each. Worth having after all.

Harry's Chicken Wing at $10 (5 pcs) and no regrets having it! Crispy on the outside, tender on the inside. Mostly importantly it is nicely cooked within. Never dip on their chilli because I usually prefer to have the original taste of food. Condiments are optional to me. Worth!

Nice food accompanied with nice beer. Erdinger for the win! Actually I wanted Hoegarden but not in the menu. Too bad! 

Harry's Bar @ Boat Quay
28 Boat Quay
Singapore 049818
Nearest MRT Station: Raffles Place

Visit their website Harry's Bar Singapore
Or Facebook Page here.