Food Review | Han's

Right!  This plate of Fish n Chips looks good in the photo but it is a terrible nightmare for mi! I had this during lunch at Hans which is located inside The Arcade. Well... It came fast to mi after ordering, which my fren was still patiently waiting for hers to come. Damnit! The coleslaw and chips are edible but nt the FISH~!  I had my first bite which tastes bland then before my 2nd bite, I cut a small piece and on the plate, the oil surface out from the fish and is damn lotsa!  *Faint*  End up, I had oni the flesh and nt the outer layer of the skin. The whole meal is so oily. Damnit!  This is the first and last time I'm gonna have my meal at Hans. Previous experience tells mi to avoid bt still, I wan to satisfy my craving.  I had dinner with my guy during one of our date at Hans, Marina Square. He given up on the spot for a plate of hor fun or Hong Kong mee (can't remember). U knoe why? It is too salty. At first I dun believe him and thot maybe he is too heaty within but when I taste it myself, I'm terribly wrong. So now, I condemn Hans!  Their standard is way down. Terrible!