Well... I don't know what makes me so eager to know about our flat.  So I went on search if my future flat is undergoing construction. And yes... I found it!

The tender was awarded to Wee Hur Construction and the project will commence from 23 June 2011 and is expected to complete by March 2014.  HDB stated that the estimated completion of the flats to be around 3rd quarter of 2014 but now it seems like earlier, in 1st quarter. Hmm... Then I wonder when will we able to collect the keys... 

Tell me about it. By 2014, how old am I?  33yrs old. And how about my guy? 40yrs old.  Damn it!  Is he going to wait till then to get marry? Bloody hell!  Fancy marrying an old man.  Some more not rich still. Have to date for 6 years then get marry?  Then may as well don't wan better. Haiz.... 

Anyway... let nature take its course. KNN!

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