Food Recommendation - Sushi Express

Well... my love for sushi is everlasting. Not sure why but I love Sushi!  My fav sushi shop has been replaced.  So sorry to Sakae Sushi.  U have been replaced by Sushi Express from Taiwan. Yummy.  Actually is not new to mi cos I noe of Sushi Express when I went Taiwan for holidays. Now it is in Singapore and I am so happy. Had it with my guy at one of our dinner date.  First the waiter told us that we have 50 mins for our meal in their store. It really surprises mi at first but I doubt I will stay so long. The most is 30 mins and I'm done with my meal. Then the waiter told us that the tea bags are free and so are the condiments.  Most exciting part is we had free miso soup. Wow.... Each plate of sushi cost $1.80 subject to GST.  It is so yummy.  What a happy meal! Thumbs up from mi and my guy. Is all sushi and no others. We had 14-16 plates and it cost less than $30.  Imagine with this no. of plates at Sakae Sushi, it costs more than $30, though the variety are more than Sushi Express. I like Sushi Express.  For the first visit, I was given a discount card upon payment. So I brought along my fren for lunch.  It costs $1.50 per plate. Way to go! This is how much mi and my fren had.
I highly recommend to all you guys out there. The outlet is located at Citylink,1 Raffles Link, #B1-23.  It just up at the escalator where u are going to Marina Square.

Pros and cons.  If you are having a gathering, not really advisable to go there cos u can't stay for long. Time limit is 50 mins.  Also is the one and only outlet in Singapore so there is space constraint to hold gatherings there too.