Is Coming Back To Me

I think I have not been doing a good job in my diet plan and for e past few weeks, I have not watched real well on my diet plus my exercise regime is not so aggressive.  And the result is: I put on weight again. I think I am really that kind of body which once I eat, I will get fat. Haiz... Tell me what should I do. Damn it! This week is my menses week. If tomorrow still haven't come, I will definitely go for my run to compensate all my mindless eating... Arrghh... I really hate it. I think I have to depend on myself for e diet plan. No buddy plan. Cos tat lousy fren of mine is always held up at work. As if her salary is 5-6k per month. Also the same as mi, less than $3k ba!  Whatever. I think I do better by myself than with anybody.  As for my guy, apart from running, he is not really that co-operative because he will not wan to share food with mi.  Sometimes mayb he is hungry so not blaming him. But most of the time, he is NOT!  Only once awhile he will.  I think I must have a v strict principle frm this minute on:
  1. Will insist sharin food wit him when out for dinner and no side dishes

  2. Stop nibbling on biscuits in office! N O!

  3. Continue wit my hot green tea in office and lotsa water

  4. Have an apple before lunch and dinner. Preferably a red and green apple.

  5. Continue rope skipping every night

Lotsa of plan in mind. Shall write down everythin and paste it everywhere visible to mi! Hmpf.