Flea Market

Well... I have finally realised that I suckz big time on my dress code!  I urgently needed someone to help mi on my dressing.  Damnit!  I have told my guy that I will not anyhow buy clothes unless is nice on mi.  That means I have to try first before spending that bucks. Arrgh... I feel so ashamed of myself.  I swear I'm not going to buy clothes impulsively.

I booked a booth at the flea market to sell off my old aka ugly clothings. *puke*  It was yesterday (28 Aug 2011) then I realised how terrible I am in my choice of clothes. *puke*

While setting up my booth, a Filipino came and look at my clothes.  As I'm selling it at from $2 - $5, this lady bargained price with mi.  2 for $5.  I was thinking: 'Well, I just wan all these clothes to disappear in front of mi.'  So I sell it immediately.  Hahahah... That's my first business since I reach.  Actually the flea market starts from 2pm to 8pm, but supposed to set up from 1 pm onwards.  Well... my guy hanging around at home, wasted some time and then on the way, I told him I need to 'fight' for a good spot.  But we are late. Haiz....

So from 2pm, I was hoping and praying that I don't need to bring home the same amount of clothes I brought there. And yes!  I sell almost half of them.  Guess who patronise my booth?  Mostly Filipinos.  Wahahahahah... I sell my old clothings, facial masks and 3 Naraya items.  By 7.30pm, I sold all my facial masks and 2 of my Naraya items.  Great.  My luggage is not that heavy anymore. Wahahahah...  My guy keep saying that my clothes cannot make it.  Well... Those were the days...  No wonder towards the evening, no more biz for mi...  Customers just see see look look even though I told them is 2 for $5.

Actually I feel so bad.  I don't blame my guy for saying mi but is damn true.  My choice of clothes suckz big time!  That's why only Filipinos patronise.  But please lor, some Filipinos also ATAS kind wor.  Don't even want to look at my booth.  Anyway, I have learnt my lesson and a good experience for the 2nd time at flea market.

If you think from the photo above you saw nice clothings, then your eyes has completely deceived you.  Cos to mi, those nice clothings which I don't want is sold in the early part.  I end with those which will make you puke on the spot clothings.  I think the next time round, I shall sell facial masks or other unique items.  But first, I still need another round of selling for old clothings.  But first, I must slowly gather all the old clothings.  Den I will strike again!  I think my guy will not be able to stand it.  He felt bored for that few hours.  I can't be asking him to help in selling ladies clothings.  So I do it myself. He walked around for hours to kill his boredom. Wahahahahahah..... But luv him every bits.  Thats why even though end of the day I made a loss, but I still give him a treat for dinner.  Hee... Yahoo....  He spent his time smoking away outside and see girls walking past.  Wahahaha... Good treat for his eyes pleasure.  Well.. like he always said, his parents born him with a pair of eyes to see lotsa thingy, including girls.  I would rather he looked at girls because that shows he is straight.  Get what I mean?  He always said that he is letting his parents down if he never see girls.  Wahahahahah...  Anyway, he knows well what he can and cannot do, so I don't have much worries. I always poke fun of him too when there is a big boobs passing by... Wahahahah...

Is fun!  But lotsa competition there cos mostly are selling clothes.  I will be back!  Just wait!