Our first run together

Anticipating the day to come.  Is this coming Sunday.  Wahahahah... Finali he agrees to join a 5km run with mi.  So happy!!!!

I am trying to spice up our life.  So I look at many ways to spice it up rather than always stay at home during the weekends and doing the standard thingy:  Sleep, Eat, Shit, Watch Show, FB.  Except for jogging on Sunday, nothing else is interesting in our life.  So I have told him that we shall go swimming on Saturday except on my inconvenience days at Safra Yishun since he has the membership.  He agreed to it immediately.. Wahahaha... One Sat afternoon, we went there to walk around.  Saw lotsa activities there.  So we talked about it and decided to try it one fine day. Hee...

Woohoo... I looking forward to our improved lifestyle which will start this week.  Before he starts his diploma course in Oct, I better make him co-operate with mi.  Yippee!