I hv rebonded my hair yesterday... Purposely take half day leave for tat. Went wit my bud. Imagine 2 staff go on leave jus for tis.. Hee... Had lunch at Amoy st. Vietnamese restaurant. Wow.. first time k? Bt taste bland.. Nth special. The spring roll is good. The coffee is nt tat bad too... They hv a special way of drinkin. Check out e pic below. Haha..
The above is Chicken soup with noodles. That's wat it states in the menu... Haha.. Jus plain glass noodles nia.. Haiz.. Forget to take e spring rolls pic. Overal, is fine. Jus tat is abit squeezy. Haha.. Rainy day lor. So we sat inside, gossipin al e way til it gets smaller. Den head to MRT station for our appt. Kaoz.. My first time steppin in Little India.. Yucks c so mani tat kind of ppl.. Arrgh n my bud keep goin e wrong way... *Kill* Finally we rch there n straight away they wash our hair.. Haha.. n there goes e process of rebondin.. Gd thing is I'm wont b tat bored cos my bud is wit mi.. Somemore gt tv to watch.. Haha.. cable tv hor.. Nice experience.. End quite fast cos there will b 2 persons attendin to u. So my hair is done frm 3plus to 5 plus.. Haha.. My guy picked us up. Hee... Lov it.. Gettin use to it first.. Cos 2 yrs nv rebond le.. Bt tml can wash hair le.. Yeah... I mus go get my conditioner.. My usual practice when I did rebondin. Wee... Tink tonite go buy... Haha.. My guy is cute. On e way bk hm, he told mi to slp properly if nt my hair wont straight le wor... Ask mi to sit properly n dun let my hair get trapped in between my back n e seat.. haha... Lub him...!!!!!