SITEX show 27 Nov 2008

Went SITEX show last nite wit my guy.. Wow.. pack wit lots of ppl. Intention was for e Starhub promo bt long q... Haiz.. Quite attractive packages......... Too bad. My guy dun like crowd.. Al along... So we walk ard.. He gt himself a SE bluetooth... Woohoo.. Finally a gd one.. Cos those he is usin al lousy one. Hopefully is ok for him nw, tis new one.. And he gt mi e MP3 for Xmas present... Woohoo.. I lookin forward to a new MP3 so long le.. Thanks to him. Was wonderin to get 2 or 4GB. He asked mi if 2GB is enuff.. N I tink again, is enuff ba cos I onli select songs tat I wan to b put inside... Haha.. And oso a 2GB memory card. For my camera.. Woohoo... Thanks to my dear... Can brin for holidays liao.. I tink I brin along my DS lite for him ba.. Dwload al e games tat a guy wil like to play n he wont b bored on board the plane.. Ok.. I shall do tat.