Haiz.. Lend my camera to my bud. Bt heard frm her tat she nv took a single pic wit her guy durin their retreat together... Kaoz.. Wat a waste!!! Reali wan to strangle her.. Cos I wasted two events tat I can take pics.. One is last Sat which I went to a weddin dinner wit my guy... Wat a waste!!! I wan to take pic of those drunkards... Haha.. So funny!!! Another one is yesterday where I had lunch wit my executives cos one of our ops mgr resigned n yesterday was his last day... So we went lunch at China Square... Hahah.. Nice nice.. I lov e food there.. Nv tried e fish. C la... I sacrifice e camera for my bud's sweet retreat wit her guy.. Yet no photos taken... Kaoz.. Reali wan to scold her upside dw... Kaoz.. Bt is ok... As long she enjoyed her day wit her guy in their own world.. Wahaha..


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